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Helping Our Clients Raise and Sell Over $2 Billion Since 2009.

Leslie Morales

Founder, Partner, CEO
Leslie brings 30 years of business expertise to the table. She has worked with Fortune 500 CEOs and has owned and operated 7-figure enterprises.

Leslie is also a Certified High Performance Coach. She received her coaching training and certifications personally by NYT best-selling author and world’s leading High Performance Coach, Brendon Burchard. More information at LeslieMorales.com.

E. Johnson

Founder and Partner, Lead Writer and Developer
Designer and developer of leading edge invesment presentations since 1994. Expert marketer covering all media channels. Student of winning pitch strategies and techniques led by Oren Klaff of PitchAnything.com.

Launch Module Creative Team

Launch Module Media works with the best creative and production talent. We work only with artists, writers and developers based in the United States while serving our international clientele. All of our team members have at least 10 years or more of industry experience. We keep our Client information strictly confidential and never outsource. When you work with Launch Module, your point of contact is a Company principal and you should expect the highest level of Client service. We take pride in our work and are committed to a great relationship and to your continued success.


Fast, Accurate Work

We deploy time-tested, proven and agile workflows to deliver the highest level of marketing and presentations product to our Clients. 

Innovative Ideas

We research and study the leading edge in marketing — putting our tech, venture capital, hedge fund, investment banking and sales Clients first.

Newest Technology

Our software and marketing tools are always updated to the latest versions and we invest relentlessly in training and capabilities growth.

Clear Communication

Communication is key. Our mission is results. We place intensive emphasis on messaging that differentiates and inspires action for our Clients.

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