Should You Rebrand?

Should You Rebrand?

by Denise Lee Yohn 

Your BRAND is valuable to your business and you want to keep it fresh and relevant. If you are considering rebranding, here are some things to consider for a successful rebrand.

Reasons to rebrand:

1) Prompt a reconsideration by your target customers.

2) Express a change in offering or scope of business.

3) Convey a new entity after a merger or an acquisition.


If you do decide to rebrand:

1) Ensure your change is substantive not superficial. Customers will expect more.

2) Do your research. Get input from employees, sponsors, customers, etc.

3) Develop a comprehensive implementation plan.

4) Expect results in the long term.


Rebranding can be rewarding if you do it for the right reasons and in the right way.







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