How to Create Investor Pitch Deck Financial Projections

The financial projections slide is a crucial part of an investor pitch deck.

After creating a compelling presentation of your company’s background, values, problem, solution, and so forth, the financial projections crown the pitch by painting a realistic picture of the business’s financial future.    

Financial projections for startups

Your startup’s financial projections help investors understand the business’ potential. They ought to have a realistic view of your anticipated business growth. As a startup, you may not have much historical data to work with. Nonetheless, you don’t want to underestimate your business potential by giving too low projections or going overboard with exaggerated figures. Either of the two scenarios may portray your business as non-viable and lead to rejection.

Financial projection startups

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5-year financial projection template

Research indicates that equity investment has an average time to liquidity of five years. Preparing a five-year financial projection gives more credibility to your pitch deck, as it allows the investor to evaluate the business viability by observing the anticipated growth trend. 

Your investor pitch deck financial projections should have at least five crucial components, namely;

  • Sales projection 
  • Expense projection
  • Income statement projection 
  • Balance sheet projection
  • Cash flow projection 

How to present financial projections

If your business has been operating for at least a few months and you use accounting software, you have an excellent place to start. Software such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, or Sage allows you to pull the financial statements you need to prepare the projections. Once you have the statements, you can then work out the figures or feed them to a financial projection template for more accurate and faster results.

However, if you don’t have any previous data, you can research the industry to get more information on the target market, sales performance, growth trends, and other valuable data. 

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startup financial projection

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Rushing through the financial projection slide is a pitfall many startups make in their quest for funding. A compelling investor pitch deck is not complete without realistic financial projections, as investors rely on this information to evaluate a business’s viability.  

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