Pitch Books for Investment Banking and Fund Management

Challenges in Designing Hedge Fund and Investment Banking Presentations

One of the greater challenges in producing pitch collateral for hedge funds and the like is setting the right visual tone. When we work with a hedge fund with over $3 billion in assets under management, the investor class is about the most discerning there is. There can’t be any punchy, salesy graphics, and the art of persuasion in play must be clear, subtle, direct. Most investment banking pitchbooks are painfully dry, to the point of being antiseptic. To create a beautiful, light, informative, and persuasive document for an institutional-grade audience is a tall order, but one which we confidently fulfill.

Our philosophy when working on these pitchbooks is to keep the work simple and clear. The presentation is an asset that should convey the fund thesis, leadership, and performance. It should affirm the skill and track record of the capital management team and make sophisticated investors feel at ease.

The presentation can enhance the profile of the fund. But it should never call attention to itself. The design and typography should be letter and pixel perfect. Charts and data can be presented in a modern and updated style, but there should be an air of stability, maturity, and technical sophistication. Institutional, high net-worth, or family office investors are not looking for over-emphasis on graphic design. But they do want to be told a compelling story.

hedge fund investor presentation designer

Venture capital fund investment presentation development and design by Launch Module Media.

With hedge funds and investment banks, getting it right may take many rounds of iteration. It’s a good idea to work with a design team who are focused on achieving measurable results and not on revision round-counting. This is not a boxing match. This is the highest level of wealth management, and getting the message right will require the mindset of a marathoner. Steady, and driving forward.

biopharma portfolio company board presentation

Biopharma startup board meeting presentation development and design by Launch Module Media.

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