Qualities of an Effective Crypto Investor Deck

Market volatility, fraudulent crypto activities are all significant challenges that threaten the crypto market. However, these have not deterred the industry, which has grown in leaps and bounds over the recent years.

With players warming up to the idea of regulation, the industry is set to grow even stronger.

Though there are mixed opinions among venture capitalists (VCs) on financing digital assets operations, these investors remain dominant financiers for crypto markets. However, the process of financing blockchain businesses is characterized by numerous hurdles (bottlenecks) unlike any other sector. 

Out of the many crypto investor decks VCs receive, only a few get funded. This is understandable as venture capitalists are after maximizing their returns while minimizing risks. Given the many downsides present in the blockchain industry, it’s only natural that the investors have to be extra cautious. 

With that knowledge, how can you prepare a winning investor deck to pitch your idea to VCs and funds? 

Well, the secret to winning high-value investors is to have a feasible idea and then present it in a precise and compelling manner. Below are five vital qualities of an effective crypto investor deck. 

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Outlines a Real Problem and Solution

Your presentation designer has probably done a great job creating a catchy first slide that screams ‘strong brand.’ The presentation title, your logo, company name, tagline, goals, etc., have all being creatively designed to deliver a strong brand message. 

That’s a powerful first impression that may have succeeded in arousing the investors’ interest and building their expectations. In that case, you don’t want to lose them before they buy into your idea. Thus, it’s essential to follow that up by making your point in a clear and concise manner. 

What problem are you seeking to solve? Is it a legit problem? Who has the problem? How are you solving it? What’s the opportunity in solving the problem? 

In a nutshell, ensure you outline the problem in a way that hooks and convinces the investor that indeed someone ought to arise and solve it. This will create a vivid picture of the opportunity beforehand and get them excited to hear your solution. Finally, share your solution, elaborating how it will solve the problem.    

Defines the Market

Your understanding of the market is your make or break card when presenting a crypto investor deck. The investor is after feasible partnerships with a solid footing in the market, having carved out their share, or having strategic plans to explore under-served markets. 

As such, your presentation should clearly define the market, detailing your current coverage, the value you’re deriving from it, and the potential therein. You should also be able to map under-served demographics that you’re eyeing and highlight how you intend to reach and serve them, as well as their expected value. 

The truth is, there’s so much untapped potential in the crypto industry. Like any other entrepreneur, you may get overexcited and go overboard with your projections. However, as much as the market is saturated with opportunities, you can only get a share equivalent to your efforts. Hence, you want to be as realistic as possible when calculating the projections. 

An investor won’t be impressed by how tremendous the opportunities are but by how smart your strategy for grabbing those opportunities is. This gives them confidence that you won’t be flushing their money down a drain or, in this case, a marketing drive likely to yield a negative rate of return (ROI).           

Highlights the Team

Convincing the investor that you have the best idea anyone can run with is half the job. A successful pitch deck must demonstrate your ability to execute that idea and make money for the investors. 

Ensure you talk about your team, highlighting their expertise and achievements. Explain the relevance of their skills to the undertaking or project at hand. Essentially, let the investor know you have the right team in place. If you can, briefly highlight their roles in providing the solution and how they’ll collaborate with each other, from the start to the tail end of the process.

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Breaks Down the Business Model

Hopefully, by now, you have succeeded in buying the investor into your idea. But remember, your presentation may be just one among many. Several other businesses are seeking crypto venture capital, and with finite funds, some may walk away empty-handed.

So, how do you differentiate yourself from others to ensure your pitch carries the day? Demonstrate how your solution will make money for the investor. In other words, project a clear revenue path, breaking down the expected incomes, expenses, and anticipated profits.

Lastly, don’t fail to mention alternative income streams and how you plan to sustain the business throughout its growth cycle.  

Gives a Solid Financial Plan

Assuming you have managed to put together a successful presentation, chances are the investor is ready to write the check. However, the crypto market still faces high levels of illegitimate deals, among other significant challenges. 

For this reason, your crypto investor deck should include an elaborate financial plan outlining how you’re going to spend the investor’s money. In addition to fostering transparency, a financial plan guides spending, ensuring funds are spent as intended, thus eliminating wastage.          

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The blockchain industry is set to grow stronger despite crippling challenges. With venture capitalists and funds holding it up for crypto markets, and the players opening up to regulation, there’s so much potential. However, funding remains a big hurdle for most crypto players due to the high number of businesses seeking financing against the limited resources available. Hence, you need to arm yourself with a powerful presentation to win investors. At least, ensure your investor deck has the following qualities.

  1. Outlines a real problem and solution
  2. Defines the market
  3. Highlights the team
  4. Breaks down the business model
  5. Gives a solid financial plan

We may not have talked about this in-depth, but it’s essential to have a professionally done presentation. In addition to creating an excellent first impression, it helps organize your ideas for better understandability. This can go a long way in warming up the investor to your ideas. 

At Launch Module, we can help you create a professional crypto investor deck to raise your chances of securing the much-needed investment. Talk to us today and let us help. 

About the author

Leslie Morales is the CEO of Launch Module and a Certified High Performance Coach. Learn more about Leslie and her team on our About Us page.