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Positive Outlook for Private Real Estate Investment in 2018

Private capital has had a growing influence on the real estate investing landscape in recent years. The growing allocations to funds, as well as direct investments, by institutions, family offices, and wealthy individuals has bloomed in 2017. At Launch Module, we are consistently improving our capabilities in this space — turning dry Executive Summary-style documents into dynamic, cinematic presentations that inspire investor confidence and drive increased dealflow opportunities for our Clients.

Residential and commercial real estate presentation development and design by Launch Module Media.

As always, Seeking Alpha is a go-to resource for the latest trends. Here’s a summary:

John Engle | November 10, 2017

  • Private capital is set to be the big player in acquisitions in 2018, as REIT managers focus on internal consolidation and profit harvesting.
  • The influx of private capital looks set to continue as wealthy individuals and family offices shift capital from hedge funds to private equity.
  • Allocations to funds should pick up, driven in part by foreign investors who previously favored deal-by-deal approaches seeing their value.
  • Record amounts of dry powder across all strategies shows no lack of capital to drive deals; but lots of dry powder risks inflating deal prices, compressing future returns and elevating risks.

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Why High Net Worth Investors are Seeking Increased Real Estate Allocations

At Launch Module Media, we have of late experienced an uptick of requests for high-end real estate investment presentations, seller books, and onesheets. The National Real Estate Investor provides coverage on the increasing importance of real estate in HNW and family office investor strategy.

Robert Brunswick | Aug 03, 2017

Commercial real estate has been used effectively in ultra-high-net-worth (HNW) and family office portfolios as a means to enhance yield in a return‑starved market. This enhanced yield has not been lost on the greater institutional marketplace, however, where sovereign wealth funds, domestic pension funds and life insurance companies have flooded the market with capital, prompting concern over the potential for a pricing bubble. Read more at

Real estate presentation development and design by Launch Module Media.

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Real Estate Market Outlook — Great News for Housing

2Q 2017 was a busy time for Launch Module, especially developing Real Estate investment pitch decks. Construction spending was reported down in June, worrying real estate enthusiasts. However, the weakness was attributed to the public sector, not private or residential construction.

Markos Kaminis | Aug 02, 2017

Through the first six months of the year, construction spending was still up 4.8% against the same period in 2016. And, all of the trouble was due to a decrease in public sector spending. Public construction was down 5.4% in June on a seasonally adjusted basis. Eventually, the Administration’s infrastructure promises should come through here, and help public sector spending drive this data higher, we hope.

Real estate enthusiasts are more interested in how the private sector faired. Spending on private construction slipped just 0.1% from May. Residential construction edged lower by 0.2%, while nonresidential construction inched 0.1% down from May. So that’s not so bad. Furthermore, in my study of the ISM Manufacturing Index for June, I noted exceptional strength. The data implied strong demand for housing construction materials and supplies. Read more at

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Launch Module Media built top-quality, keynote-level investor and sales presentations for us, but that’s not all. They also established a visual language for expressing ideas, simple and complicated, within a flat and modern system. That's not easy, especially when the subject matter is software-defined storage. Not a lot of people have heard of that, and even fewer understand what it is. Building upon their work, both marketers and highly-technical engineers were able to communicate their ideas effectively, with a high level of visual quality.

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