Thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk, I am beginning to grok social media. For the first time, I’ve gotten onboard a platform in its infancy. So let’s see. Following is a direct transcription of my first Anchor ‘Wave,’ no cuts, no edits, no nada.

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So, what do we have here? What is Anchor? This is something. This is something unique and quite excellent. The name, Anchor. Broadcasting desk. Also, a nautical symbol, mixed with audio waves. That was pretty nicely done. And even the medium of water. The way sound travels through water, is very dynamic. So, even the experience here of using it is so seamless and immediate and yes, it’s new, it hasn’t scaled yet, you know, the power users — the Gary Vaynerchuks — are gonna post Waves here, and, you know, they’re gonna have 187 replies. And Gary’s never gonna be able to go through all those. And even a casual listener isn’t going to take the time to go and listen to 86 minutes worth of audio replies.

So, I think the problem with social media, for the popular users, the leaders, is the scalability. You know, they can’t — you can turn the funnel upside down. But you can’t listen to millions.


Here’s the original Anchor Wave (I’ll take out the ums and the you knows from future transcriptions but it was interesting for me to leave them in this time):

If you can’t view or use the player above, you can listen here on the Anchor site.

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