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Work example: Tech startup investor pitch deck video demo

Nooq is a dynamic, fast developing, tech startup based in Scotland. The first team communications app of its kind, Nooq is a visual communication platform that cuts through the noise. Creating graphic heat maps that amplify the important issues, you can quickly see your working day at a glance.

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Communications is very hard to do really well. I gave Erik at Launch Module Media a very stern test and he surpassed my expectations. We had an investor deck that was already in Erik’s words an 8.5-9/10 — he wasn’t sure how it could be improved. We had worked on our messaging for 18 months continually trying to improve it and had a hit a wall. Erik took our messaging to a new level, and condensed our value proposition with an amazing new strap line and more zing to the message. You can tell when someone is a master of his craft, Erik worked tirelessly on delivering to the highest standards, which for a startup condensing a pitch down to 1-3 minutes, then a deck to back that up is an extreme challenge. Erik is a master of that. I would have no hesitation in recommending Launch Module Media. Feedback we had from a VC investor was we have the best startup deck he has ever seen.

Graeme Bodys

CEO, Nooq Software

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Nooq in the news

In the last several months, Nooq has really started to take off. There is major buzz on the application in the European venture capital community and now the press is starting to build.

Huffington Post

6 Radical Ways to Reduce Email

The word radical is one of my favorites. It stems from the Latin word for root, radix. In fact, the English term doesn’t veer that far from its Latin origins. Among its meanings is “arising from or going to a root or source; basic: proposed a radical solution to the problem.”  To be sure, some ostensibly intractable business problems require radical solutions–and email is a perfect case in point. As the statistics below manifest, it’s no overstatement to call email an epidemic in many organizations.

“Email today is like playing whack-a-mole on groundhog day,” says Graeme Bodys, CEO of nooQ, a communication platform that collects and stores the powerful knowledge of your team.” Trying to keep on top of it is never-ending. We need to change that.” Read more at huffingtonpost.com.

CMS Wire


Can a Scottish startup give uber popular enterprise collaboration tools like Slack a run for their money?

“Slack doesn’t work,” Graeme Bodys, the founder of four-year-old nooQ told CMSWire. Glasgow-based nooQ just won cool tool and cool feature awards — for the second consecutive year — at the Social Now conference in Europe over competitors like IBM Connections, Atlassian and MangoApps.  “We were absolutely completely blown away,” Bodys said. Read more at cmswire.com.

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Work example 2: Animated teaser presentation

Apple Keynote to video

Serendipity Labs is a dynamic professional coworking brand that needed to clearly show its unique market positioning and strategic partnerships to venture capital firms. We created this teaser intro as well as the full-length investor deck.

Serendipity Labs in the news

Serendipity Labs continue to develop and expand their model of premium coworking space as the regional footprint expands in the Northeast and to cities like Atlanta and Chicago.

Coworking options to swell with Serendipity Labs in Stamford — and beyond


At 700 Canal St. in Stamford’s South End, Serendipity magazine publishes quarterly issues focused on lifestyle topics germane to Fairfield County and Westchester County, N.Y. In fitting out a new “lifestyle” option of sorts for businesspeople on the building’s ground floor, John Arenas says it is only happenstance that his company shares the magazine’s name — but promises it will be a happy accident for Stamford, and soon other locations throughout Fairfield County.

A former senior executive with Regus, Arenas is opening a Serendipity Labs “coworking” space in Stamford’s South End this July, taking space vacated this year by Eclisse Restaurant. It will be Serendipity Labs’ third location after its initial startup in Rye, N.Y., followed by a Chicago site, and with several more in the works in multiple states. The company has disclosed nearly $9 million in funding in Securities and Exchange Commission filings, with its backers including Steelcase, which sells office furniture, technology and interior design ideas. Read more at stamfordadvocate.com

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